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Original Paintings


The Dance Party



The Dance Party


SIZE 24" X 32"

Acrylic and Oil

When I lived in Florida being an artist had it's perks

you were invited to a lot of Parties .



My Paris Window

$ 8500.00

Size 20" X 24 "

Acrylic and Oil

While living in Paris i used to love to watch people out of my window , perfect spot for a painting.



New York , N.Y.


Size :appx 32" x 27 " x 2 "


original frame with painting

I created this painting to be designed with a frame that intergrates into the Painting .


St.Petersburg , Russia

ORIGINAL Price : $7000.00

size : 19" x 19"


This is a painting that I did in St. Petersburg , I have traveled the world and it is in my top three towns , beautiful buildings and there a many cannals with beautiful bridges this is on of them. I will tell the people that buy the painting what the small people mean .