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Shawn's 2012 Newsletter...April 1



Parispickpockets is a Limited Edition of 50 paintings . The giclee is on wood .The size : w 22'' x h 27'' x d 3 "... The Price is $1500.00 Free Shipping in U.S.
This is a great side view of Paris Pickpockets one of the great things about my 3D is that the painting is the frame just hang it on your wall.


June 15 , 2012

Well good news , by the end of July I will be opening a new art Gallery in Stroudsburg this gallery will be by appointment only. This art site will only contain Original paintings with a unique addition , this edition will be a 3 Dimensional surrounding the original painting and Limited Edition of 3 Dimensional Sculptured Paintings . I am also writing a book that I hope will be out by August of 2012 . This will be and exciting year . In the next few weeks we will be joining an International web site that will be selling my new Limited Editions and a new Series of originals . Thanks Shawn